MathProf 5.0

Imagen MathProf 5.0
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    ReduSoft Ltd.

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    Windows ME

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  • Updated:

    January 30, 2022

  • "Represents calculations with graphs to learn math"

MathProf makes the tasks of learning mathematics and performing complex operations easy. This calculation system generates graphs that help you to understand all the elements treated in equations, vectors, geometric sets and other mathematical entities.

The first step to create a two and three-dimensional graph that will lead you to understand perfectly the mathematics applied to a specific calculation is to enter all the information that MathProf requests. The program then generates the appropriate visual set, which can be altered in real time by modifying any of the parameters.

Algebraic functions, equations and geometry operations are some of the mathematical elements treatable with MathProf. In addition, the program allows you to convert the units before entering them using the built-in tool.